Website Survey


A Wisconsin-based business, we've helped customers with their web design and pc repair for 25 years. SoftWEAR Systems started out writing software for Fortune 500 companies, in addition to web design and pc repair services. Our customers have come not only from Chicago, but from various parts of the country as well. We've gained a national reputation through our commercial, which can be seen regularly on Dish Network Channel 266. Through the years, we've really strived to make our business unique and able to stand out from the competition. The best way we've found to do this is by making the customer our top priority. If customers call us, they know they're going to have their call answered by someone who will take the time to say hello and listen to their concerns. We're willing to work with customers as long as it takes to make sure they are satisfied with their web design or pc repair, and we always promise never to leave a customer out in the cold with no answers..

Service Keys

One key service our customers really seem to like is our ability to do web design and pc repair both in our location or at theirs. Many times, it's very inconvenient for a customer to bring their equipment to us, so we bring our services to them. Since I'm also a pc instructor at a local college, I'm able to meet many people who need web design and pc repair services for both home and business applications. I enjoy meeting people and helping others learn more about computers, so teaching in a college really affords me that opportunity. All of our sites are designed to work on various platforms such as Macs, iPhones and standard personal computers. By having a built-in CMS backbone, end users can then make their own changes if they are comfortable in doing so. Like I said earlier, we treat customers the way we wish to be treated, and it's served us well from day one. 



We constantly hear from clients about previous web design companies they've worked with taking months or even years to make simple changes to their websites, which is a terrible way to treat your customers. What we tell customers is when they work with us here at SoftWEAR Systems, you'll never have a horror story to tell your friends and family. We guarantee our customers will be satisfied, because we treat them the same way we wish to be treated..