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My Company in a Nutshell. 

 I started my company in the early 1980's when I was employed by United Airlines as a pilot. I was based and lived in Chicago area. Being a "Yooper" that was hard for me but I understood that there may come a time when I would be unable or just did not want to fly anymore so I set out to get another degree in Computer Science and build a business for myself one that would be with me a lifetime, its still here "SoftWEAR Systems" .I want to enjoy my job and I do, self employment has it's up's and down's Thank you for visiting my site if you have any questions I will be there to answer them for you.

Sincerely Mitchell C Meyer(CEO SoftWEAR Systems)

 Our main goal is web site development for all. We also offer in home or drop off PC repair, networking etc. I also am an educator for Nicolet college where I teach Web Design I also teach numerous adult education classes for Nicolet as well. I offer a newsletter for all who wish to help bring back some basic pc routines..We also offer Video's to help those who need some extra instruction . 

I trully believe that everyone no matter what size the business or even individuals should be able to have a web site for themselves. Long gone are the day's of out rageous costing web sites !
Sincerely MC Meyer