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My wife Cheri and I have recently purchased the "Bel-Air Motel" in Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin, having already run a Motel in the Upper Peninsula for seven and half years we realize the great importance of a good user friendly website, the one we were taking over was not and would have cost a considerable amount just to make changes, so we turned to Mitch Meyer the CEO of Softwear Systems to construct us a user friendly website, that would not cost us a fortune. From the first telephone call and all the way through we were confident that we had chosen the right Company for our needs, we were kept informed from the outset as to exactly what to expect and everything fell into place, just as we were told it would, we are so grateful for the speed and efficiency Mitch took to build our new website. We are so pleased that we will be able to go into the site and make changes ourselves with simple instructions from Softwear Systems. The nice thing is, that if there is a problem we are part of the Softwear System family of users and will be looked after, to us after sales service is important in an area that we are not over confident in and we feel that with Mitch we know he is only a phone call away, and with problems can help us remotely. We would certainly recommend Softwear Systems to anyone that is looking to improve their online presence in today's competitive market by having a website that can be easily found on any search engine and a site that is completely user friendly by everyone, thanks again Mitch for your 5 star service. Bob and Cheri Hughes Owner operators Bel-Air Motel Land O' Lakes WI

I have been producing television shows on a local, regional and national level for years. Upon going national with one of my newer shows I realized the need for a website that would pop, be user friendly and have the ability to address any areas I would like to have posted.I received literally hundreds of solicitations from web designers to do one for me. After speaking with Mitch Meyer, owner and web designer of SoftWEAR Systems, I made my decision. It was SoftWEAR Systems. I am very happy with my choice. Mitch gave me the ability to make changes and add items to the site by myself or, if I let him know what was needed, he would make the changes and additions for me. Whenever I had a question he was always more than happy to answer it for me and promptly I might add. He is a great instructor.When people Google the name of the show it pops up immediately. What more can you ask for when it comes to having your website easily accessible to anyone including possible sales. In a day when customer service seems to be viewed from a historical perspective Mitch Meyer and SoftWEAR Systems is still providing it. I provide it to my people whether it is someone who advertises with me or a viewer and I expect the same of people and businesses I work with. But, it is difficult to find in 2014. Time after time I am told by some of the businesses who advertise with me that they have had either problems with their websites or they never seem to be able to get anything done from the people who have created it for them. This is NOT the case with SoftWEAR Systems. Mitch is always servicing his clients. I can honestly recommend him with confidence to anyone I know. Colleen Van Ells
Producer of the television shows
 Polka! Polka! Polka!
 On Tour with Colleen Van Ells
 Welcome to Our North

Here is our latest review from our partner Sucuri: Many great things happened in the budding decade called the ‘80s. In the technology world, the growth was dramatic. In 1981, the word “Internet” was first mentioned, MS-DOS 1.0 was released by Microsoft, along with the first IBM PC. And somewhere in Chicago, IL there was a small company by the name of Softwear Systems in the thick of it, writing TSR applications in assembly code. Founder, Mitch Meyer, remembers the early years fondly. We progressed to writing Lotus 123 templates for college textbooks, then later writing and porting them into C++ codes for Fortune 500 companies, like Zenith. It was a huge leap in those times. Softwear Systems had become a custom software solution for their clients seemingly overnight. While the internet became an actual thing, Softwear Systems kept up with the pace and transitioned into developing websites; which is where they remain today. Since those early beginnings, Mitch has experienced and learned everything it takes to create and run a great website. On one occasion, he had a client who worked for a branch of the military. For his website in particular, Mitch had to be sure it was as secure as possible to uphold various clearances. Mitch advised the client to use Drupal, adamant of its superior security over the competition. Currently, 99% of Softwear System’s clientele uses Drupal as their platform of choice for the very same reason. I know Drupal and I’m good at it. To me it’s more secure than WordPress. As far as a hosting provider, Mitch and team use a locally-based hosting company out of Michigan called, A2. This system is on 100% SSD servers, allowing a 20% increase in output. Efficiency and security were now seamlessly in place. But before his commitment to A2, Mitch and team had tested the waters with other hosts and website security solutions. That’s when trouble came with a vengeance: This other hosting service didn’t have Softaculous every time an update comes, so it was a little bit more work to update every site, subsequently I got behind sometimes on my patches and that’s how I got infected. The SQL injections came through the Softwear System website, infecting over 500 files with malware. Mitch was using SiteLock at the time and soon recognized they were spending too much money and still the problem wasn’t fixed. I’m a relatively small business. I don’t have a lot of liquid capital. So if SiteLock wanted to charge to talk to you on every bit they changed, it got ridiculous. I said there’s got to be something better out there and I found Sucuri. Pleased with how fast Sucuri cleared up the issue, along with the value of having Softaculous installed, Mitch and team could now update the site with a simple click and continue business as usual. You guys got me up and running. That’s when I said I’m done and decided to stop with SiteLock and go with Sucuri 100%. I’m a small entity here. SiteLock is not designed for small entity. They’re designed for someone who has a lot of capital. What about the small business owner like me? They didn’t take care of that person, but Sucuri does - and the large. Softwear Systems also has installed Sucuri’s Firewall and continues to recommend the service to local Chicago businesses.   On a scale of one to ten you guys get a 10. I would recommend Sucuri to anybody!

If you are in need of a website, Mitchell Meyer is wonderful to work with! 10/10 highly recommend!!
Very responsive and affordable!
KImberly Seaman Broker/Business Owner at Rental Property Solutions of Wisconsin LLC