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Facts & Questions

Some of the more common questions asked.

Can I connect my domain name? 

If you currently have a domain name it is a simple process once your site is finished to connect/link it to your new site. SoftWEAR Systems can do this for you if you desire. You may also leave your domain name if you currently have one with you current hosting co. IE Go Daddy etc. Or if you wish what we suggest is to transfer the name to our hosting platform, but this is NOT required.

Do I need any design or coding skills? 

No none required allow us to do all the work for you. Thats what were here for.

Whats included with my new site? 

There are many things included with a new site here are a few of the more important items:

All sites are HTTPS secure, all sites sit behind a CDN for faster population worldwide, all sites are routinly scanned for virus's and malware, all sites are yours and are not censored. All sites include a contact page, google maps, and Google Analytics to help your site score highly during a organic search. All the sites include a "Share Bar" were users can share your sites or any portion of your site with others. Testimonials page is also standard if you desire. Face book integration is also available for any site. Pictures either static or a picture slider is available for all sites. So if you want a carossel of images thats also possible. Blogs are common on some sites and is available although the cost is more. If you feel the need to update portions of your site your able to do that all the sites are CMS based, that is a user can log into the site and make changes that the administrator has set up for them. Or we here at SoftWEAR Systems can make those changes for you at no charge for the first year, after that its a the regular hourly rate.  All sites are cross platform, that is they are Responsive design, they work on all devices from cell phones to tablets to desktop devices. We also offer animations for various parts of your site, these come in handy when trying to get the users attention. We offer 1000's of images or we simply can add any that you supply.

How much will it cost? 

Typically thats the first question asked. It's hard to give a number until we understand what you want. So we must talk about your needs and desires Before a quote can be given! And this must be over the phone, text messaging just is not enough. After your site has been online for one year currently if you have had no updates for the year all you pay is $300.00. That is the minimum yearly charge at this time with no changes or additions. It covers domain name renewal security updates and malware detection and removal.